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Ashley Clarke • January 3, 2019

laravel vue php wardrobe

This blog is built with Jigsaw (at the time of this post), Jigsaw is great however it is not a CMS or a blogging platform it is a static site generator being used as a blog. There are benefits with using a static site generator like Jigsaw for your blog, the main one is that I have zero hosting costs, I have no database, no servers, I deploy to Netlify for free on every commit.

There are somethings however that I would like to have but don't:

  • Scheduled Posts - write blog posts in advanced and have them auto-publish on a particular date.
  • Social Sharing - when a post is published, it should automatically post a link on my twitter.
  • Series - If I have a multi-part blog post series, it would be nice to be able to see all posts in that series without having to go back and edit the older posts with links.

So lets build a blogging platform

I could of course use an existing platform like WordPress or Ghost but I think building a blogging platform will give me some great content for the blog itself and also be pretty fun.

Lets define the features that the blogging platform is going to have:

  • Scheduled Posts (from above)
  • Social Sharing (from above)
  • Series (from above)
  • File-based posts or database-based? I like writing my posts in markdown, however this should be built so that we could swap it out one implementation for another should we wish to do so.
  • Tags
  • Search
  • Pages - Other pages such as about/contact etc
  • Themes - The design should be a separate package that can be pulled in or swapped out for another design.

I think that is a solid set of features for now, things may change in the future.

The tech

This project will be built with laravel, vue and tailwind.

After speaking to Eric Barnes he has graciously allowed me to take over his wardrobe cms project which has become abandoned, a new version will be built from scratch.